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This is a spectacular venue that offers participants a memorable racing experience and spectators the best mobility and race visibility of any race site that I have attended.
Coach Todd

Overall Site Map

Transition Area

The Transition area is a secure area and for iCAN TRI triathletes only. One parent of athletes in the (6-8) age group will receive a colored wrist band and may assist their athlete in transition for set-up only. Parent must exit the transition area immediately following set-up for their young athletes. Transition volunteers will assist young triathletes in set-up, T1 and T2 when it is appropriate or necessary. All non-athletes must remain outside of the transition area at all times during the race. Upon return from the bike portion of the race, triathletes must rack their bikes in the exact location that it was previously racked. If someone has racked in your location you may rack in the next nearest location. No bikes may leave transition area after the race without the bike number and the athlete number match.

Swim and Transition Area


The swim will take place in one or both 50 meter pools. The 6-8 age group will swim short course (2×25 yards). All the remaining age groups and adults will swim long course. There will be (2) athletes per lane and (1) volunteer to verify your laps. If you are swimming multiple laps, you will see an underwater lane marker to signal your last lap. Wave staging will take place on the South end of the pool. You should be in the staging area 15 minutes prior to your wave start. Please see the course map for athlete entrance to the swim area, wave staging area, swim distance, and exit to transition T1.


The (4) bike courses vary in distances and route. You may not mount your bike until the bike has completely crossed the Bike MOUNT line, You must dismount your bike before any portion of the bike crosses the Bike DISMOUNT line. You will “Bike Out” to the West and “Bike IN” from the East. Please refer to the bike course maps for your specific course route, color, directions, and distance. For your safety, all the bike courses will be closed to traffic and monitored by Fresno Motorcycle Police and Highway Patrol. The Bike courses will NOT have aid stations.

2 Mile Map

4 Mile Map

7 Mile Map

13 Mile Map


The (4) run courses will be of varying distances. Please refer to the course maps for your specific course route, color, directions and distance. There will be an (3) aid stations located on the course with water and fluid replacement. ALL athletes must wear their race number during the run and have the number facing to the front when crossing the finish line.

Run Course

5K Run Course

Aid Stations

There will be (3) Aid Stations located on the run course, serving cold water and Electrolyte beverage. See Run Course Map for locations