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Transition Area


Bike and Helmet Check

Bike and helmet check is mandatory and will take place on the East side of the Transition Area beginning at 6:00 am.  If you picked up your race packet Saturday prior to race day proceed directly to Bike Check. Each bike will receive a sticker verifying that it has been bike checked for safety. Bike check must be completed prior to body marking and entering the transition area.  All bikes must have handlebar end caps. 

Body Marking

Body marking will be take place at the exit from the Bike Check.  Body marking must be completed prior to entering the transition area. Athletes will have their race number marked on their legs and arms and have their age division on their calf.

Transition Area

The Transition area is a secure area and for iCAN TRI triathletes only.  Parents of athletes in the (6-8) age group will receive a colored wrist band and may assist their athlete in transition for setup only.  Parents must exit the transition area immediately following set up for their young athletes.  Transition volunteers will assist athletes with setup when it is appropriate or necessary.  All non-participants must remain outside of the transition area at all times during the race.  Upon return from the bike portion of the race triathletes must rack their bikes in the exact location that it was previously racked.  No bikes may leave the transition area upon completion of the event without the triathlete, bike number and the athlete number match. 

Transition Map

F1 triathletes will be required to check in at registration the morning of the event and walk their bikes through "Bike Check", then "Body Marking".  Upon completion, F1 triathletes will place their bikes and race gear in the SECURED bike corral designatied for F1 triathletes ONLY.  This is a holding area unit the Transition Area re-opens for the F! triathletes.  This area will be monitored by security and will only be accessible to F1 triathletes. Race numbers mist be on bikes and body marking must be compelted prior to entering the F1 bike corral.  The earlier youth "Age Group" race may be in progress so the Transition Area will be closed.  The Transition area will re-open to F1 triathletes upon the completion of the F1 race orientation.  Any triathlete participating in both the youth age-group and F1 race, will NOT be allowed to move their bike and gear to the designated F1 bike racks until after the F1 orientation and the Transition Area re-opens.  


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